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Release notes: Novabench 5.0.0 to 5.5.1

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These release notes were migrated from our prior changelog system

24 Mar, 2024


Bug-fix Release
  • Fixes an issue where the storage score may be negative in rare cases
  • Minor polish and improvements throughout
20 Mar, 2024


Feature Release


Novabench 5.5 is our most significant v5 update yet. It includes a brand-new test report, making it easier to understand if your computer is performing as it should.

The test report expands the online comparison toolset by integrating a comprehensive pass/warn/fail checklist for a more detailed system performance analysis.


Adds Test Report with Pass/Warn/Fail checklist: Quickly evaluate key performance aspects of your system:

  • System Rank: Comparative percentile ranking of your system against all tested systems.
  • CPU Performance: Assessment of CPU score, clock speed, temperature, and power consumption.
  • GPU Performance: Evaluation of GPU score, potential bottlenecks, frame stuttering, temperature, and power consumption.


As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to bringing more enhancements to the test report in future updates!

22 Feb, 2024


Bug-fix Release

This is a bug fix release to address minor user experience issues reported by some users.

4 Feb, 2024


Bug-fix Release
  • Improves detection of GPUs in certain configurations
  • Improves account sign-in
  • Minor bug fixes and polish
26 Jan, 2024


Feature Release
Bug-fix Release
  • Improves display of online results database and part information for easier comparison
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
10 Dec, 2023


Bug-fix Release
  • UI improvements throughout
  • Improved scheduled test and sensor logging config on Mac & Linux
  • Fixes sensor readings on macOS 14.1.1+
2 Oct, 2023


Feature Release
Bug-fix Release
  • Adds local comparison tool to easily see the difference between test results
  • Improves sensor compatibility with new processor models
  • Fixes sensor results on macOS Sonoma
30 Jul, 2023


Feature Release
  • Adds CPU stress test utility
  • Adds sensor (temperature/power/battery) command to CLI
27 May, 2023


Bug-fix Release

This release is for Windows only

Fixes an issue with sensor logging showing an error message on some systems

14 May, 2023


Feature Release
Bug-fix Release
  • Add custom names and notes to your results
  • Improves storage test compatibility
  • Updates documentation
8 May, 2023


Feature Release
  • Adds CPU and GPU efficiency metrics to test results
  • Adds new System Info page
6 May, 2023


Bug-fix Release
  • This update focuses on increasing the accuracy and reliability of the benchmark results based on your valuable feedback
  • Fixes an issue with specific GPU/driver combinations, where the compute test could terminate early, resulting in an incomplete GPU score
  • Improves the sequential read/write accuracy of the storage test for specific NVMe devices
23 Apr, 2023


Feature Release
  • Adds temperature, power, and usage logs and charts
  • Adds battery health logs and charts
  • Adds online temperature comparison
6 Apr, 2023


Bug-fix Release
  • Further improves GPU compatibility
  • Fixes issues searching for certain CPUs in the database
29 Mar, 2023


Feature Release
Bug-fix Release
  • Adds Advisor, a new way to understand your benchmark results
  • Improves online comparison tools
  • Improves hardware detection and compatibility
  • Fixes stalled tests on some system configurations
  • Various bug fixes and improvements - thank you for your feedback!
20 Feb, 2023

5.0.1 to 5.06

Bug-fix Release

Ongoing improvements to hardware compatibility, including improvements to GPU measurement

On Windows versions before 5.0.5, if Novabench 4 was already installed, its start menu icon may have been removed while installing Novabench 5. v4 remains installed alongside v5, and can be accessed from the Program Files folder.

3 Feb, 2023

Novabench 5

Feature Release

Completely rebuilt and redesigned

  • Score calculation has changed to better reflect the performance of newer hardware.
  • Direct comparison to Novabench 4 scores may not be meaningful.

CPU test updates:

  • Updates to SIMD and scalar test instruction sets
  • New compression and cryptography tests

GPU test updates:

  • New 3D test scene
  • New Vulkan-based compute test. Falls back to OpenCL if Vulkan is not available.
  • New GPU memory transfer tests

Storage test updates:

  • Improves the accuracy of sequential read/write tests on newer storage devices
  • New random-access read/write tests

Memory test updates:

  • New memory access latency test

Other updates:

  • Improved hardware temperature sensor compatibility
  • Sensors are recorded during testing (Plus)
  • Added Bottleneck test
  • CLI now supports all commands possible from GUI


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